Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

My bedroom has been a mess my entire life. I just find housework very incredibly dull, so I struggle to do it. But I also get very stressed out when my room is a mess, the saying tidy room, tidy mind really does ring true for ADHDers. Our minds are already chaotic so it is important that your bedroom is a calming space or you will simply never get anything done whilst in it.

In truth, the way that I keep on top of this is by having a cleaner who comes every couple of weeks to help me keep everything organised. There is absolutely no shame in needing help like this but it also is not always an option. So it is important to have tactics in place for keeping as tidy as possible. See the blog post ‘Doing Things’ for my top tips on this.

It is also very important to remember that ADHD tidy might not look like a neurotypical persons ‘tidy’. Having ADHD means that your object permanace is not very well developed. Object permanance is a stage of development where you become aware that objects still exist even when you cannot see them. When your object permanence doesn’t function correctly, having all of your things tidied away into cupboards simply causes you to forget you even own that stuff. Therefore, things end up scattered around various shelves and surfaces as the brain attempts to combat this. To an NT this will look cluttered and disorganised but an ADHDer functions much better when everything is visible.

Therefore, when setting up your bedroom it is important to keep this symptom in mind and purchase more shelving than drawers

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