A girl with a mission to educate people on the realities of ADHD

Daily Life

This is a segment dedicated to the realities of daily life for someone who lives with ADHD. There is much to be gained from a little insight into the way someone who experiences the world differently lives. If you have ADHD, or know someone who does, I hope this segment will assist you in improving your, or your loved ones, life.

The Science

I am a science student, currently at university, and I found that knowing the actual science behind the way my brain was different to others helped me massively in understanding how to cope with ADHD. This segment aims to inform and explain in both simple and more detailed terms.

Personal Life

Everyone with ADHD experiences it a little differently. This segment will be dedicated to my own personal triumphs and struggles with the disorder.

A few famous faces with ADHD

I found something I love and never gave up.

Michael Phelps

The 23 time olympic. gold medal winning swimmer Michael Phelps was diagnosed with ADHD aged 9. He now holds the record for the most medals won in the Olympics.

About Me

I am a girl on a mission to educate people on the realities of ADHD

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